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Two ultra-modern facilities

Tozzi Sud has two ultra-modern facilities: a manufacturing plant in Foggia, and an administrative facility in Ravenna , which serves as the headquarters for the management and commercial infrastructures and also as the hub for the technical, logistical and administrative support services that are provided to the construction sites.

The Ravenna facility

In Ravenna (or more precisely in Mezzano, a suburb just a few miles from the centre of what is the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region), a large, elegant building rises up out of the lush countryside ? this is the administrative headquarters of Tozzi Sud.

This is where the company?s monitoring processes are implemented, the sales network is developed and the accounting operations are carried out using computerised systems.

In addition, the Ravenna facility also plays host to the support infrastructures for the various construction sites situated both in Italy and overseas, including the plant-engineering section.

The Ravenna facility benefits from a 2,250m2 storage area that serves the whole of central and northern Italy thanks to the ports, train stations and motorways that converge on Ravenna.